Reflection 1

Project 1 was actually not that difficult as I was not even aware that all the work we were doing leading up to project 1 being assigned was the work for project 1. There were some things that needed to be added but by making them homework assignments I did not feel overwhelmed with the amount of work project 1 was. Especially because when I found something hard I went to open coding to fix it for the project. As for my progress in the class, while I believe that I have made progress I am not happy with the level of progress I have made. I feel that at this point I should be more confident in my coding abilities and am unsure why I am not at this point.

If I had more time or was confident in my coding abilities I would have added more portfolio items. Unfortunately I am not confident in my ability. I would be worried that adding more items could mess the entire portfolio page up, and I just got the images to be side by side and I do not know how I did that. My fear is that if I add something else that it will mess up the items even more and I will not be able to fix them upon submission time as I do not know how to fix them and make them be the way that they are supposed to be. If I had more time I could have figured that out with Open Coding.

Honestly I am not comfortable with my coding and design qualities as much as I would like it to be. In terms of where I stand now I would say that I am only a little comfortable with my coding abilities. I like the way my website looks but I am scared to add to my code so until I am not scared anymore of messing up my website I will not be comfortable with my coding. I am afraid of how hard coding is for me. So my comfort level regarding coding is low but I wish it could be higher at this point in the course.

Reflection 2

I stand by the aesthetic choices I made in my design persona. I chose the colors and the fonts mindfully. I felt as though the fonts were creative and I wanted the fonts to reflect my creativity. After looking at them at my website, I like how the different fonts look. They are very different but I think the contrast actually works in their favor. I feel as though the difference in the fonts is not too jarring and It actually looks quite cohesive, which I was hoping would come across in a cohesive way so I am very happy that I was actually writing about that.

As for the colors, I still stand by those choices too. I like the way the color blue looks on the page. It makes my page look fun and creative as opposed to if I chose the font colors to be black. Even if I chose different colors, I do not think that it would look as creative as the different shades of blue look. I know that a lot of the shades are very similar but that was intentional. I want the shades to be similar shades, they are different enough though to be considered a different shade of blue. I do not think that there is anything wrong with having colors that are a little too similar. Like I said in my design persona, I see blue as a universal color that everyone likes. That was my reasoning and not because I hold any preference towards the color blue.

In regards to making changes, I have not made any and I do not think I am going to. I genuinely think that my website looks great. I do not think there is one thing that I would change. I am actually surprised that it came out the exact way that I wanted it to. I will say I am a little disappointed that the font "Protest Revolution'' does not look like it showed up on my page but I think that might be a good thing because I am unsure how the text would have looked otherwise. I am just glad I am able to read it clearly.