Keira G. Flaherty

My Portfolio

"I believe that entertainment has the power to connect people on a deeper level. For me, entertainment is music and my passion. I want to share what I am passionate about and share my passion with others. My website is a place where communications major should be able to share their passion in an easily accesible way."

My Music

Keira with Ukulele

Colored photograph of Keira G Flaherty in a dimly lit room with a small balck instument bag held over her shoulder

The item I created is an item that showcases the instrunent that I have dedicated a lot of time and energy to.This item is for musicians as they understand the bond one can have with their chosen instrument. My goals for this item is to draw more musical minded people to my website and recogize that maybe Communications could be a viable major for them when sometimes music just is not the broadest major. I am the sole creator of the item. It was taken on my phone.


♬ original sound - Kiki10172000

Keira Writing

colored photograph of Keira G Flaherty sitting with her ukulele in hand in the process of writing her original music showcasing her passion for the music

Songwriting is one of my greatest pleasures in my life as I find it useful as an oultet that i feel is very much needed. I hope this will set me apart from others and people will be intrigued by the songwriting process of a busy college student. my goal is to showcase something unique about me. I am the sole creator of this item as it was taken on my phone at the time.


♬ original sound - Kiki10172000

Nights Out

Keira's favorite Musician

colored photograph of Keira G. FLaherty with a 26 year old man in  bar parking lot

Keira Concert Picture

Colored photograph of Keira G. Flaherty with two college aged kids and a middleged woman in a saprkly outfit